Specifications for the Swedish eID Framework

January 2020

Copyright © The Swedish Agency for Digital Government (DIGG), 2015-2020. All Rights Reserved.

This is the January 2020 version of the Swedish eID Framework. As of January 17th, 2020 it replaces the previous June 2018 release as the official version for the Swedish eID Framework.

If you have feedback or questions regarding the Technical Framework make a post to the "Tekniskt ramverk"-thread on https://forum.eidasweb.se.

Changes since last version

Below follows a listing of all significant changes since the June 2018 of the Swedish eID Framework.

Each document also contains a "Changes between versions" section where you can see what has been updated for that particular specification.

For a detailed list of changes you can view all changes in GitHub using this link: https://github.com/swedenconnect/technical-framework/compare.

Check out the GitHub project for this release: https://github.com/swedenconnect/technical-framework/projects/3. Here you can see all the GitHub issues describing each change that was made to the specifications.


Overview that describes the different parts of the Swedish eID Framework.

Tekniskt ramverk - Introduktion | pdf download - In Swedish

Introduction to the Swedish eID Framework | pdf download - In English


Download a ZIP-file of all specifications in PDF-format.

All specifications are also available in Markdown format on GitHub - https://github.com/swedenconnect/technical-framework. Here you can follow the further development of the Swedish eID Framework.